Film It

Want to make a Community Programme for County Channel TV?

Perhaps you’re a community group, like Noise in Oswestry, or maybe even a single person with a story to tell. Whether there is one of you, or a hundred, it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you have a passion for the story you wish to tell.

We are looking to tell the real stories of Shropshire with your help. It doesn’t matter whether you have much experience of making films, though it will help of course. Primarily you have to be willing and keen to share your vision about the story you wish to share.

We can guide you

Our highly skilled team of programme makers can help you focus on the best way to tell your story, and how to technically go about making it happen. You  don’t need previous experience,  passion and determination goes an awfully long way.

What can my/our film be about?

Firstly, because we don’t have a watershed, all our output is viewable 24 hours a day, so we cannot explore adult themes or have bad language.

Other than that, they really can be about anything you want. A local person’s good deeds, a charity that’s important to you, your views on local issues, a place that’s important to you, really anything that can be told, with passion and personal interest.

We don’t need the filmmaker/s to be from Shropshire, though it’s preferable, but there does have to be a Shropshire connection. Each film on the channel is about six minutes long, so if your idea is so big you think it’ll make a half hour programme, then we’d work with you to split it into self contained five to six minute episodes.

The first film to be made for the channel by an independent group was made by Noise from Oswestry. This should give you an idea for the standard we’re looking for, and we can help you achieve this if you’re concerned you don’t have the skills.

What do I do?

In the first instance set out the film you’d like to make on no more than a side of A4. We don’t need a lot of detail at this stage, but we will need:

  • • A synopsis of your idea
  • • What access to places/people you’ve got or need to arrange
  • • Roughly how many days you think it’ll take to make
  • • And lastly, the resources you need or have access to.

Get in touch

Use the form below to send us in your ideas or to simply get in touch with your questions.

We can’t wait to hear from you!